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'Poorly Pots' Sale

'Poorly Pots' Sale

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Bundle of 5 surprise poorly plant pots for £5!

Unfortunately when it comes to plant pots, there are occasionally damages in delivery, marks in glazes or accidents in the shop etc...

I save every single 'not so perfect' plant pot, because they may be a tad wonky but they are still fab and absolutely useable!

This is your chance to GRAB A BARGAIN and get a surprise bundle of 5 poorly plant pots for an amazing £5! These poorly plant pots are all damaged in some way, usually slightly chipped, scratched or marked. However, they are all very much useable and very lovely!

Please note that the photos are just an example of some of the pots you may receive. Each surprise bundle is different. All pots are seconds, meaning they are all damaged in some way. All are either chipped and/or scratched/marked etc. Most pots range from 6-15cm in diameter. 

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