Everything you need to repot, propagate and help your houseplants thrive! You can buy exactly what you need in the quantity you need, in a simple and sustainable way.

I have always admired refill systems in zero waste stores and had wanted to create my own refill system in my shop for a long time.

What if you could buy what you want, the amount you want, and have no packaging waste for soil too?

I have spent a lot of time and planning, coming up with what I have called the ‘Pot n Mix’. Simply, a pic ‘n’ mix but for plants. Instead of sweets, think soil, gravel, bark!

Customers in store are encouraged to use their own containers, however paper bags are also provided, as well as an option for resealable plastic bags that can be reused over and over. All 100% recyclable and reusable. This is a must considering the main reason for creating the refill system is to tackle the excess waste with soil currently available on the market.

This system has made repotting plants in the shop so much more accessible, so great times are being had with customers repotting plants together and learning about the specific soil mixes needed to help plants thrive.

Here’s to a fantastic future of reusing, refilling and repotting!

Local to Broadstairs? Pop into Plantlet to get started on your refill journey!

Izzi x

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